I’m so tired.

But I can’t fall asleep.

And it’ll be getting light soon.

Also, my mum got a bit drunk tonight. She was very jolly.

I’m finally out! I am a lesbian who is also into boys. Labels are fun, but I like being queer better.

I really want to pierce my lip.

my tamagotchis need to mate, damn it.

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no no no, fuck you. fuck you for making me fall for you. fuck you for making me do all the work. and fuck you for acting like it was all my fault and that nothing ever happened.

what even? some guy just told me his friend thinks i’m hot. the fuck? is he blind? arghjkdlgksldsfg

the face you make when the boy you love tells you to essentially fuck off out of his life. 
luke is a ca-yootie!

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