Pictured here are a Dolly Wink eye palette in 01 Brown, which is one of my favorite eye palettes I use it every day
A orginal 1997 Tamagotchi from Japan, new and unopened
and Dolly Wink Limited Edition eyelash set with case.
I’ve had these things since Comic Con week, but I’m already very happy with my Pikachu Tamagotchi, I already have another Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette and apparently I don’t need false eyelashes. I was thinking of selling them but it’s a hassle and I’m sure one of my followers would appreciate it more so I’m giving them away!
To win all you have to do is like and reglob I’ll pick a winner randomly on September 1st. 
Sorry but this is only open to the followers I currently have I don’t really want new ones who are only following me because they want free stuff, I want them to follow me cause they actually like my blog. ;~;
Actually I guess anyone can enter but you definitely don’t have to follow me and it doesn’t hurt if you’re already a follower of mine. 

I want it all.

I’m going to scour eBay for cheap tamagotchis.

My newest tama-baby just hatched! I now have four.

i want more tamagotchi’s.

My tamagotchis keep dying. Needy little motherfuckers.

The Tamagotchi Effect


The Tamagotchi effect is a term that refers to the development of emotional attachment with machines or robots or even software agents. It has been noticed that humans tend to attach emotionally to things which otherwise do not have any emotions. For example, there are instances when people feel emotional about using their car keys, or with virtual pets.

so it’s my fifteenth birthday tomorrow. And my dad got me a tamagotchi music star and one of those green pig plushies from angry birds, along with a video camera (which won’t arrive for a few weeks.)

that and my best friends - runninground and blackandbluesky - are getting me a scott pilgrim comic (runninground) and two tamagotchis (blackandbluesky).

bidding on five tamagotchis on eBay…

my tamagotchis need to mate, damn it.

and now Fez doesn’t even know his wife is dead. Poor tamagotchis. Making me sad.

okay, it’s alright now. Because Fez died as well so it all evened out.

My two new babies are a boy and girl named BJ and Hero.

newest tama arrived today! V5 family.